I created The Fun Book for my son when he was about 5 years old and continued to adapt it for use throughout his elementary school years. 

I really wanted an at-home resource that was organized, 

easy to use, and had a little of everything in it. Now my goal is to help parents implement this program with their children. 

The Fun Book is an adaptable resource that not only has the capability to grow and change with your child, it provides the opportunity for socialization and engagement. I am a big advocate of home programming for children with Autism – not only for generalization of skills, but to hone new skills. Learning doesn’t 

end after school is done for the day. 

Of course, not all programs fit all children with Autism . . . home programming is always a work in progress. Schedule your free phone consultation to see if 

The Fun Book is right for you!


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  • IDENTIFY SKILL LEVEL:  Find your child’s present skill level and work on requisite skills needed for The Fun Book. 
  • SET UP SUCCESS:  Discuss setting up both your environment and your attitude (yes your attitude) for maximum success. 
  • MOTIVATE:  Review of your present motivation/reward system or create an all new one. This provides positive reinforcement of desired behavior. 


  • FIRST FUN BOOK:  Find the best first Fun Book pages to set up the most positive experience for your child. 
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Custom-made pages made for your child, including Learning Pages focusing on targeted academic goals and motivational Fun Pages based on their likes. 
  • ORGANIZATION: Tips and tricks to organize your Fun Book Program to maximize your time. 


  • Initial intake session: This includes a questionnaire conducted by phone as well as a question and answer session. This is one purchased "50 minute session ($50)" but the time limit is a bit flexible for this first call.
  • 50 minute sessions via phone chat or phone.  Sessions must be paid for in advance. They may be purchased separately ($50) or four at a time ($200). 
  • One complimentary weekly email question with each paid session.
  • Access to "client only" Client Tool area on the website.
  • Email summary of each session sent within 24 hrs post session.
  • Extra tools sent via email for download on an as needed basis.

The Fun Book pairs learning with fun! Engagement is key!