The Fun Book



Creating a home program for your child doesn't have to be complicated. And it doesn't have to cost a lot of  money. With simple tools, knowledge, and patience you can give your child the best opportunity to reach his potential. 

The Fun Book is

An Applied Behavior Analysis inspired program

The Fun Book is an academic and social program that pairs learning with fun.  The program is comprised of Learning Pages and Fun Pages that have been downloaded, printed, and assembled as instructed in the manual for use in a three ring binder.

A parent created resource for parents

Searching for resources can be overwhelming and frustrating. The Fun Book contains basic early learning skills and is a great place for parents to start when building a home program.

A great way to engage with your child

Engagement is vital for learning . . . The Fun Book format can help you make a connection with your child by presenting moments of fun between moments of learning. 

Get ready for FUN with The Fun Book!

The key . . .


The key of The Fun Book is in the order of the pages. Fun Pages are alternated with motivating Learning Pages thus providing a built-in reinforcer. Always start and end with a Fun Page!

Turn this into >>>>>


The Manual includes detailed instructions and various ways to assemble individual Fun Books for your child. Just print the pages, follow the assembly instructions, 

and get started!

>>>> This!


Here is an example of the assembled Matching Hats Learning Page. This particular example shows the a "fold-out" storage page option. There are several options to choose from.

First Fun Book


Don't know where to start? The manual gives a "First Fun Book" suggestion.

The Fun Book includes easy assembly instructions with lots of pictures, as well as tips for using each page.

Specialty Books


The Fun Book includes several specialty books including an Alphabet Book, Alphabet Stories, 0-10 Book and more. There are also instructions for assembling Subject Specific Books

 vs Variety Books.



The Fun Book has pages that allow you to adapt the program to the 

likes of your child.

The Silly Spinner page and the Roll the Dice! page have blank templates so you can fill these in specifically 

for your child!

What is included?

Learning Pages

Skill Building Pages, Four Letters Matching Pages, Two Numbers Matching Pages, Alphabet Book, Alphabet Cards, Alphabet Stories, Letter & Number Bingo, 0 - 10 Book, Shapes Page, Pre-writing Page, Alphabet Tracing, Numbers Tracing, Four Colors Pages, Maze Page, Six Cutting Pages, Four Puzzles, Four Matching Pages, Four Lacing Animals

Fun Pages

Five Song Pages, Three Game Pages, A Theater With Three Puppet Pages, Four Silly Stories, Four Nursery Rhymes PAges, Actions Cards Page, Let's Exercise Page, Silling Spinner Page With Assorted Spinners, Roll The Dice Page With Assorted Dice, Pick One! Page, Time For Page

And . . .

1-2-3- Schedule Card, Reinforcer Card, Stop Page, Data Collection Page, Title Pages, Index Pages

Take a Sneak Peek into The Fun Book

The Fun Book Sample (pdf)


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Need a little help?

Although The Fun Book was created to be an easy-to-use parent resource,

 having someone to walk you through the process can lower your 

stress level and help you implement the program faster. 

Coaching and Consulting services also include customizing 

special pages based on your child’s goals and needs. 

The Fun Book Coaching and Consulting

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