Always know -- you never have to walk alone. Having that someone to specifically listen to you is so important in your journey and can make such a special difference between being stuck and moving through issues. Furthermore . . . throughout my travels in the world of Autism, one of the things I have come to know is an organized home program is vital. Let me share my knowledge and experience with you and help you unlock your parenting potential.

Parent Coaching


Just having someone listen to your struggles, joys, and challenges can make all the difference. Open ended Autism Parent Coaching let’s us talk about whatever your present challenge is while actively working to seek 

solutions together. 

Do I have all the answers? 

No - but I can help you seek answers with a goal oriented model 

and great action steps. 

Let's get it done!

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Activity Schedule Coaching and Consulting


Home Program Coaching: An Activity Schedule is absolutely vital for most children with Autism (it certainly saved our sanity). Activity Schedules can be challenging to tackle on your own. Let’s talk about approaches and strategies that work and make a plan to make life a little smoother and move your 

child forward.

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The Fun Book Coaching and Consulting


Home Program Coaching: The Fun Book provides you with the opportunity to get down on the floor and not only work on social and academic targets 

with your child, but to also

 have FUN FUN FUN!

Coaching and Consulting for The Fun Book includes walking you through the basics of the program, implementation, and creating a plan, including custom made pages for your child’s program book.

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The Fun Book


The Fun Book is an Applied Behavior Analysis inspired academic and social program that pairs learning with fun. 

Get ready for FUN with The Fun Book! 

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The Fun Book

Special "Clients Only" Tools


As a coaching client you get access to great tools, downloads, and program suggestions as well as great product suggestions. Check out some samples - click below!

Clients only samples

Shop Shop Shop!


There are so many great toys, books, and games that children with Autism enjoy. Check out some of these choices. I have included some of my favorite t-shirts and sweatshirts too!

Clothes, games, & more

Coaching can help bring order to chaos . . . joy to sorrow . . . support to frustration . . .


  • Help unravel problem behaviors (not just your child's behavior, but yours too!)
  • Examine where you might be in the grieving process
  • Look at family dynamics
  • Work on creating an organized environment
  • Empower you!

Extra Note . . .

  • After your free consultation we should have a basic idea of whether I am a good fit for your needs. It is important to find a coach you feel you can develop a rapport with. If at any time I feel your needs are greater than what I can assist with, I will immediately and specifically let you know. Note - a coaching relationship is not a replacement for adult counseling or therapy.
  • Also note that the coaching relationship is not a replacement for traditional therapy and treatment for your child with Autism - Professional Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy assessments are always recommended as well as ongoing treatment plans as needed. These are typically provided in Early Intervention and school programs. 
  • A Board Certified Behavior Analyst assessment and treatment plan is absolutely recommended as this remains a key approach in helping children with Autism.
  • Further Detailed Disclaimer Information can be found HERE.