Autism Parent Coaching takes on so many forms. Answering questions, setting goals, just being a listening ear, helping clear the chaos so progress can begin or resume. . . 

But the main goal is always the same: help you help your child.



  • LISTEN: Listening is a complicated skill. Most people spend more time thinking about what they will say next than actually listening to what is being said. Active listening is an important part of Autism Parent Coaching.
  • EMPATHIZE: Empathy is so important in the Parent Coaching relationship when dealing with the powerful emotions parenting a child with Autism can bring to the surface. Empathy is the ability to be able to share in these powerful emotions which can lead to a greater ability to jump-start progress.
  • FOCUS: Autism has so many facets that it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the details. It is best to focus on one task at a time while continuing to plan out the bigger picture.



  • PERSPECTIVE:  When you lose perspective it can be helpful for someone to ask you questions that challenge your thought process in order to look through a new lens for a fresh perspective.
  • SELF-CARE: It is so important to take proper care of yourself. It may sound like an overused idea, but if you burn yourself out, you will be no good for anyone . . . taking care of yourself will, in turn, help you take care of your family.
  • BRAINSTORM: Brainstorming ideas that work for you and your family is important. You know your child best. Troubleshooting issues goes hand and hand with brainstorming.


  • Initial intake session: This includes a questionnaire conducted by phone as well as a question and answer session. This is one purchased "50 minute session ($50)" but the time limit is a bit flexible for this first call.
  • 50 minute sessions via video chat or phone. Sessions must be paid for in advance. They may be purchased separately ($50) or four at a time ($200). 
  • One complimentary weekly email question with each paid session.
  • Access to "client only" Client Tool area on the website.
  • Email summary of each session sent 24 hrs post session.
  • Extra tools sent via email for download on an as needed basis.

General parent coaching looks at where you are today and where to want to go . . . let's get you there!