Without learning to create and implement Activity Schedules at home, I fear our life would have been very different. Using an organized Activity Schedule when my son was young gave him the skills to attend to tasks, make choices, and learn new skills. 

Little did we know at the time, but when we created that very first toy schedule, it changed our lives forever. Of course, when we learned how to implement that first schedule, we didn’t do it alone. A wonderful paraprofessional helped us figure out what we were doing, even though she had never seen the type of program we wanted to implement before. 

Will an Activity Schedule work for you? Only one way to know . . . give it a try! 

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  • SUPPORT: Having support while implementing your first Activity Schedule can be vital for success. Having someone to listen to your challenges and brainstorm solutions can make all the difference.
  • GET STARTED: Getting started with creating your first Activity Schedule includes becoming knowledgeable about activity schedules, creating an ideal space, choosing toys/activities, and organizing all the materials.
  • CHOOSING TOYS: We will look at the toys you already have at home, activities you can create on your own, and discuss what toys you might consider purchasing all based on your child's present skill level.


  • REWARD SYSTEM:  Creating a system of rewarding desired behavior is one of the basic ideas of Applied Behavior Analysis. We work together to find a system that works for your child. 
  • MINI-SCHEDULES:  When working with a toy schedule children often need extra picture prompting. I can provide you with suggestions and, in certain cases, ready-to-use pictures for your schedule. 
  • ORGANIZATION:  There are lots of tricks and tips to organizing toys, activities, photos, and the environment for success. 


  • Initial intake session: This includes a questionnaire conducted by phone as well as a question and answer session.  This is one purchased "50 minute session ($50)" but the time limit is a bit flexible for this first call. 
  • 50 minute sessions via video chat or phone. Sessions must be paid for in advance. They may be purchased separately ($50) or four at a time ($200). 
  • One complimentary weekly email question with each paid session.
  • Access to "client only" Client Tool area on the website.
  • Email summary of each session sent within 24 hrs post session.
  • Extra tools sent via email for download on an as needed basis.

Activity schedules help provide structured learning and independence.