A Little Bit About Me . . .


Hi! My name is Lisa Wong and I am the parent of a wonderful young man with Autism. My son has taught me so many things over the years and I love sharing these  kernels of knowledge with other parents.

Working as a nurse for 20 years has given me many incredible skills: observation, assessment, communication, the ability to educate. I have honed my ability to see not only what is on the outside, but often what lies beneath the surface. I love using a holistic approach – meaning simply that we are not just one thing. In order to help someone, it is important to look at all of their being: mind-body-spirit-emotion-environment. I have also adopted the GROW model for helping to move clients forward: Goal, Current Reality, Options, and Will.

I have spent a great many hours educating not only patients in my nursing career, but staff as well – in many environments: facility, home, and by phone. I have learned that adult learning is it’s own specialty. 

In addition to my varied nursing career: Long-Term Nursing Home, General Medical-Surgical Hospital Nursing, Home Care Visit Nurse, Telephone Triage, and Chart Review/Medical Coding for Home Care, I also spent almost 3 years directing a Special Needs Program at a large church where I oversaw about 50 volunteers and worked to minister to about 30 families. I created a training program for the volunteers and started several new programs, including one for teenagers with special needs.

For the last 10 years I have been working on creating resources for parents to help them create a foundation of home programming and have been available by phone and email for a listening ear. Recently I have decided that it is time to leave my nursing career behind to focus on families.

Services and Resources


General Parent Coaching

Targeted Coaching & Consulting: Activity Schedules and The Fun Book Program

BOOKS: The Fun Book - A Notebook Program

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Just some legal stuff . . .

  • Are there guarantees of success?  No one can ever offer a guarantee of success for any program - mainly because the Autism Spectrum is so wide. Every child is different. While some approaches work for some children, others may not. Or what works today may not work tomorrow and vice versa . . . A coaching relationship also relies on commitment from the client to follow through with program suggestions and make positive changes.
  • Are you a "certified coach"? I do not have a special certification for coaching. My two decade nursing career, my work directing a special needs ministry program, and my experience with my son is what I draw upon when assisting families and children. I use a goal oriented, solution based approach that withholds judgement as I help families move forward.  Check out this detailed Disclaimer.