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I have asked these questions myself many times . . .

My Parenting Journey . . .


Hi! My name is Lisa Wong and I am the happy parent of a 19 year old young man with Autism. Wow - 19! Seems like just yesterday we got his diagnosis. Sometimes the skies have been clear and sometimes they have been quite tumultuous. I have experienced a wide range of emotions over the years - sadness, frustration, fear, but also peace, joy, and excitement. Our journey, of course, is not over as we are moving into life without school soon, but I know where to find strength when I need it.

Your Journey . . .


No matter where you are in your journey there are some important points to remember. Number one: You do not walk alone. But you must take care of yourself and be careful not to allow the stress of a special needs child to destroy your happiness, your health, or your family. A balanced life is a happy life. I often say we must change ourselves before we can effect change in our children.

Your Child's Journey . . .


There are so many facets in parenting, let alone parenting a child with a special need. Treatment for Autism includes many areas: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Academics, Socialization. It is all too easy to get caught up in all the tasks involved. But it is important to remember that children need to have fun and we need to enjoy having fun with them. An organized home program builds fun in-between learning goals.

There are many stages of life with Autism - how can coaching help?

Where are you today?

Just Diagnosed? Wanting some direction or just someone to listen?


Early diagnosis of Autism might mean you have bouncing two-year-old with lots of behaviors and no communication. Later diagnosis means perhaps you have a five or ten year old, presenting you with the need for completely different goals. I love helping parents find their puzzle pieces, but not to one of those flat one-dimensional table puzzles -- rather a huge 3-D light-up puzzle of a giant castle: one that requires dedication and concentration, but gives a huge pay off and makes us smile!

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Trying to manage, but frustrated and overwhelmed?


Have you been trying to manage the maze on your own? Maybe you have tried some local support groups or online groups? These groups can be great, but sometimes we need a mentor to walk with us, listen to us, problem-solve with us, trouble shoot with us. It can be hard to ask for help. An extra challenge with Autism is in the Spectrum itself - every child's needs are different, therefore every plan needs to be a little different. Creating a framework can provide you with a map to the maze, making navigation so much easier!

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Pretty under control, but ready to move on to the next level?


So you have things pretty under control with your little sprout who is growing more every day . . . what does the next growth spurt look like for your family? Are there gaps in your program? Do you want to look further into the future and create goals that will help grow your child into his teen years and beyond? The earlier you look and the more goals you make today, the better chance you have for healthy growth.

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Let me walk with you through your journey

Finding Answers . . .


No matter how you feel today, you have it inside you to move forward and help your child move forward. Coaching looks at where you are and where you want to be. I help you make a plan to get there.


Do you sometimes get caught up in the all of your child’s therapy and school needs and forget to have fun? Learn to find your joy. Let me help you remember how to simply engage and enjoy.


Organizing your life with a child with Autism can be daunting. Let me help you find what works for you. I always say if money is not the key to happiness then organization must be!

I remember the day a clinician first told me she felt my son had Autism.


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