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The information and suggestions contained both on this website and the books available for purchase (whether
tangible or electronic format) are for educational and general informational purposes. All information and suggestions
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therapy program for your child or the children you work with. Copyright 2011 - 2016 365 Days Of Autism
Children with Autism
need organized
programming with lots of
visual cues to succeed
Interaction is key to
helping children with
Autism learn to relate to
The Fun Book is
a simple, organized way
to foster interaction.
The Fun Book - A Notebook Program
Early Learning Edition
Get ready for FUN with The Fun Book!

A therapy program for your special needs child doesn't have
to be complicated. And it doesn't have to cost a lot of
money. With simple tools, knowledge, and patience you can
give your child the best opportunity to reach his potential.

The Fun Book is a great place to start. This notebook-style
program provides learning in a fun organized format while
combining learning with engagement and rewards. All you
need to do to get started is print and assemble the pages
provided on the included CD. This first volume targets early
childhood skills.
We invite you to take a Sneak Peak into The Fun Book:
fun, fun fun
Three Skill Building Pages         
Reinforcer Card                             
Four Letters Matching Pages
Two Numbers Pages
Alphabet Book
Alphabet Cards
Alphabet Stories
Letter & Number Bingo Games
0 - 10 Book
Shapes Page
Pre-writing Page
Five Song Pages
Three Game Pages
A Theater and Three Puppet Pages
Four Silly Stories
Four Nursery Rhymes Pages
Action Cards Page
Let's Exercise Page
Silly Spinner Page with Assorted Spinners
Roll the Dice Page with Assorted Dice
Pick One Page
Time For Page
Alphabet Trace
Numbers Trace
Four Colors Pages
Four Puzzles
Six Cutting Pages
Four Matching Pages
Four Lacing Animals
Data Collection Page
Learning Pages
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Fun Pages
What is The Fun Book?
The Fun Book Program is comprised of Learning
Pages and Fun Pages that have been printed from
the included CD and assembled as instructed in the

The key to The Fun Book is the order of the pages.
Learning Pages are alternated with motivating Fun
Pages thus providing a built-in reinforcer.

There are many Learning Pages and Fun Pages to
choose from.
Items used with The Fun Book
The Fun Book was designed with FUN in mind. Laughter and lightheartedness can be the
gateway to interaction - a connection between you and your child. Get started today!