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365 Days of Autism / Cherry Hill, NJ

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Days Of Autism
At 365 Days of Autism
our mission is to help
you organize your
child's program with
easy to create and
affordable daily
Our Mission
Lisa Wong is the creator of The Fun Book and 365 Days of Autism.

Lisa is a registered nurse in the states of New Jersey and
Pennsylvania. She has worked in long term care, general hospital
medicine, and homecare, but her true passion is to help families
with special needs children. In 2002, Lisa's son was diagnosed with
Autism. Lisa is the former director of a church-based special needs
program where she developed programs and curriculum. She also
assisted in the organization of a local special needs summit,
speaking and creating a "reflection room" for parents. Lisa and her
husband are grateful for the progress their son has made and have
a strong desire to share their moments of success with other

Many things have changed over the years as her son has gotten
older and his needs have changed, but some things remain the
same . . . Autism affects your life every day and in the end, whether
you are a parent, teacher, therapist, friend, or other family member,
it isn't just the child grows -- if you accept it and let it change you . .
. you grow too and
so much more than you ever thought possible.
We will be at the
Autism NJ event in
Atlantic City, NJ on
Thursday and Friday
October 15th and 16th
2015. Come see us for
free toys!