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tangible or electronic format) are for educational and general informational purposes. All information and suggestions
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1. Sorting
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2. Sticker Pages
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3. Coloring pages
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4. Social Cards
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5. Patterning
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6. Puzzles
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7. Play-Doh Prompts
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7. Picture cards of
activities for use in
Your Busy Book
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free, free, free
**Print on white
cardstock - consider
laminating for
An activity schedule is a wonderful tool in a home program. Many
self-contained classrooms use activity schedules as well, to help children
organize their "free" time. (I like to call the activity schedule The Busy
Book).  Using picture cues and toys stored in boxes labeled with those
same picture cues, you can teach your child to follow a play/learning
schedule. An easy way to organize the schedule is in a three ring binder,
but other picture schedules work as well. The book pictured to the right is a
must have!
Activity Schedules For Children With Autism will give you the
foundation for preparing and implementing an activity schedule for your
Basic supplies: plastic boxes for each activity, Velcro, shelving unit, three ring binder (for 8.5
X11 sized paper), white card stock.

A reward system is vital for success. In the beginning it is best to use edibles such as small
candies, bits of cookies or pretzels during the entire schedule. This will pair the activity
schedule with a positive reward. As time goes on, you will fade back and give fewer rewards
until your child can wait until the end of the book for a "big" reward. If possible, let your child
choose his reward before hand and place a picture card at the end of the book.

Some pages will need extra picture cards in the labeled boxes that give more specialized
"direction". As you know your child's ability best - take photos of some assembled wooden
blocks and Duplo Blocks. You can make specific items or simply some abstract shapes.

If your child is flexible enough, you can even use some of
The Fun Book pages for this
program - the matching pages, mazes, puzzles, & lacing all fit activity schedules very well. is an easy way to find great toys to use with your activity schedule.  
The activities below have a clear beginning and a clear end and are the best type of activities to use.
Feel free to let us know what worked best for your child!
Tear individual pages from these books, punch holes in them,
and place them in binder.